Trips to Get You Motivated

Trips to Get You Motivated


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Land Person – Summer Camp for Adults

Bringing out your inner child will bring back your energy and motivation! Adult summer camps like Club Getaway, in Kent CT encourage you to get outdoors, play, take up some new hobbies and make new friends. Whether traveling solo or in a group, a weekend here is sure to motivate you! Weekend rates start at just $499.

Water Person – In water: Surf Trip

Surfing has an extremely powerful impact on people physically and mentally, one of which is motivation; you may keep falling but you will want to keep trying! Puerto Rico is also known as ‘ mini Hawaii’ yet is much closer and easier to fly to, and has lots of beginner friendly waves. Stay at the Horned Dorset Primavera directly on the water, and be sure to check out martinis that give Manhattan bars run for their money – at the Green Thumb Grill.

Boat Person – A Cruise With Your Friends or Family

Spending time with friends or family can bring you the support you need to find motivation, especially when your having a good time together. Consider a cruise on lines like Royal Caribbean Cruise Line which include group activities for every kind of traveler from ice skating, to rock climbing to mini golf – and that’s even before you reach your destination!

Any Tips?: No matter where to decide to go, motivational trips like this are going to take some energy! Save it for the destination and let search engines like Skyscanner do the hard work, compiling over 1,200 travel partners under one roof so you can easily compare your options in one place to find the best deals on, airlines, travel sites, hotels and car rental.