Traveling to Boost Your Self Self Esteem!

CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO WATCH:francesca page miss travel guruSolo Trip Abroad

Why? Traveling alone will give you time to rediscover yourself, but opportunity to learn something new and meet new people (which in turn will boost your self esteem.)

What? Consider somewhere that you can learn something new like a language, such as Spain or Portugal. Madrid is known to run some fantastic language courses, is full of life in the summer, rich in culture and great for meeting people.

Any Tools to Help? Traveling alone can be scary, especially if you’re a woman. Brands like Travelsmith really do well with products made to assist the female traveler My favorite is their Packsafe Tote (on sale now for $65) – seriously stylish and seriously secure with features like a cyber proof pocket to protect your personal data from cyber thieves, slash proof lining and handles and a tamper proof zipper!

Fitness Retreat

Why? Exercise and good heath has a huge impact on our self-esteem. There’s also a great sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching positive health goals and making healthy choices in your life.

What? Consider all inclusive fitness resorts like Movara Fitness Resort in Utah, where they motivate their guests to become healthier through exercise and nutritional changes, and take full advantage of their location, with everything from hikes through the amazing red canyons to kayaking.

Any Tools to Help? – When booking an all inclusive, the last thing you want is to miss days out of your trip so mobile services like Freebird are essential, which automatically rebooks your flight if you experience a cancellation or a delay of more than four hours or miss your connection. It’s based on a simple per-leg pricing system: for $19 one-way or $34 round-trip.