Tips For Planning A Solo Trip

Pick A Destination

Or don’t; make the journey the destination! The experience is really the main purpose of traveling solo as long as you are comfortable and safe. You might want to pick a spot you have already been to before with family or friends so that it’s familiar or get out of your comfort zone and go abroad, but be sure it’s somewhere you are able to speak enough of the language to get by and have at least one contact to assist you.

Plan Ahead

This is very important for your peace of mind and safety. Plan ahead so that you arrive at your destination well before sundown, and book a place to stay at least for the first night, so you’re not left wandering around unfamiliar streets with your luggage. The Hoteltonight app is a great tool for last minute deals on reputable hotels near your location.When setting up longer hotel stays, set your budget and browse sites like or for help choosing transport, hotels and planning your travel in general. Read reviews and don’t be afraid to spend a little more so you feel comfortable and safe. Also if you’re going to a city, choose places that are located closer to the centre – you will meet more people and you also won’t have to travel as far to site-see.

Pack Smart

Pack light (you are the only one who is going to be carrying your bags) and consider that you might be moving around quite a bit. Also choose luggage that is easy and safe. Brands like Travelsmith really do well with products made to assist the solo female traveler. Their Packsafe Tote features like a cyber proof pocket to protect your personal data from cyber thieves, slash proof lining and handles and a tamper proof zipper.Avoid carrying serious valuables, pack clothes you can mix and match, and take travel mini’s to optimize space. Also take a travel journal a good book to keep you busy when you’re alone!

Meeting New People and Keeping In Touch With Those At Home!

Unless you are abroad (and don’t want to rack up a huge bill) enable data on your phone. If you do have to switch off data roaming download apps like Whatsapp, Skype or Viber and look for accommodations with free Wifi. Looking to meet people while away? Download Solotraveller ( – a social network that will allow you to connect with other fellow travelers to get advice, exchange experiences or even meet up. The app also has a ‘care to share’ feature, where you can share your experiences in real time!

Trust Your Instincts 

Super important when traveling solo, and something you will get better at the more you travel. This applies when picking spots to eat, visiting certain places, meeting new people or even accepting help. While traveling alone should be about getting you our of you comfort zone, your safety comes first. If it makes you feel uneasy, it’s not worth the risk.