Summer Travel And Why Travel Is Great For Entrepreneurs


How to Save on Summer Airfare

1. Look at flying into ‘slower season’ cities to find cheaper flights and great deals. If you fly into Miami from NY, for example, you can find flights as low as $150 round trip, where you have some of the best beachfront hotels, from The SLS to The Delano to choose from, both central to all the action with 5* in-house cuisine to match and the iconic nightlife spot, Doheny Room on site.

2. Yes you can try and manually pick cheaper days, but it’s much easier to use flight tracking tools like the Hopper app to track your ideal flights. It will let you know when they go up and down in price, and when the best time to book them is, as well as allow you to explore different destinations to see when and where is most affordable for you to go.

3. Fly and drive; if you have your heart set on a destination but the cost is crazy, look at flying into a partnering city and renting from there. It also adds to the experience in being able to take in the sites as you go.!

The DelanoHopperThe SLSDoheny Room

Why Travel is Great for Entrepreneurs

1. Travel is healthy. Whether for business or pleasure, travel helps reduce stress but taking you out of your usual environment where you are constantly compelled to work, giving you the down time you need physically and mentally that will actually make your work time more productive.

2. Travel teaches communication skills and help you make meaningful connections. Dealing with language or cultural differences when traveling, forces you to be creative and improve your communication skills when meeting new people. There are also plenty of tools to help you along the way, such as the SoloTraveller app, which acts as a linkedin for solo and business travelers by connecting you to a social network of other solo travelers worldwide so you can meet up, share experiences or network while traveling.

3. Travel can give you time to think and can inspire you. It affords you the necessary time to reflect and meditate, even for brief moments or for longer ones when you find yourself sitting on the top of a mountain or basking in the sunshine. Also being in a new environment and meeting new people traveling can spark your inspiration and not only benefit your mindset but also your business in some way.