Travel Concerns – Dominican, PR and Costa Rica


Ultimately where you decide to travel is up to you – this isn’t only place things like this happen (for example – re the the incidents of methanol poisoning in Costa Rica, there have been other recent outbreaks in India, Norway Turkey and more) 

You cant let stories like this change your generalized view of a destination – but keep yourself up to date and educated as a traveler ALWAYS. Keep yourself up to date with what is going on in a destination and be sure to vet reviews of resorts and destinations to know your risks of traveling there. 

Be adventurous but also sensible with what you ingest or drink in another country (especially medication) and if you have any doubts stick to what you KNOW is safe. To ensure you’re not ingesting any liquid that has been packaged under poor or unhygienic conditions,- turn the bottle upside down and see how the bubbles rise. You should never drink any beverage that contains unidentified particles or sediment. Also if  the price seems too cheap to be true, it probably is – be mindful of cheap, discount products.

Check your health (screen) before you go and understand fully any risks both from your own previous health conditions and anything that you could come into contact with when there and react to.