Top 5 Hangover Cures, Miami

South Beach is known for many things, but perhaps best for its nightlife. Yet when the sun rises and the disco lights shut down, most of us are left with a stonking great hangover and stomach gurgling for some good grub. So where should one venture on the beach to fulfill that morning-after void? After thorough research (and few nights on the town) we have discovered the top five hangover cures in Miami.

1. Tofu scramble and sweet potato hash at Thrive Cafe

Take vegan and turn it on its head. Boring, cardboard-tasting food? Think again. This delicious hangover brunch trates best forbeing both fully flavorful and extremely nutritious, thus curing your hangover from the inside out. The tofu scramble puts any classic egg dish to shame, jumbled amongst fresh veggies and herbs. Accompanied by a delicious sweet potato and a bed of fresh garden salad, it’s both fulfilling and fresh enough to wake you from seeing double the morning after without leading you back into a calorific food comma. $13


2. Veggie omelet with home fries (and peach bellini) at Oliver’s Bistro

Busy for brunch, Oliver’s attracts locals on West Ave over the weekends to the curbside restaurant. It might seem easy enough to make a good breakfast omelet, but few places succeed. Oliver’s, however, is by far the best we’ve tasted in Miami; filled to the brim with fresh tomatoes, asparagus, spinach and more. The home fries with hot sauce are the best part of this hangover cure, and accompanied with a fresh peach nectar bellini to take off the ‘night before’ edge, one is left with a perfect way to face the next day.$9.95/ $8.50 cocktail


3. French toast with fresh fruit and maple syrup at The Front Porch Cafe

The Front Porch Cafe, takes the softest challah bread, lightly batters it, dusts it with icing sugar and brings it to hungry hangovers everywhere. This dish fulfills that need for post boozing carbs, whilst delighting in your sweet tooth; warm, doughy and delicious, you simply cant go wrong. Accompany with colorful fruit and some maple syrup, this basic but well done classic is sure to satisfy ‘french toasties’ everywhere. $11.95


4. Acai berry bowl with fresh fruit and granola at Pura Vida

Unconventional but popular; the acai bowl at Pura Vida is one of the most ordered breakfast items on the beach. The superfood of the century, acai berry is both the best hangover antioxidant and delicious. After the mixture is thrown in a blender with frozen banana, the result is a gourmet smoothie in a bowl, topped with low fat granola and succulent fresh fruit. The recipe stems back to a Brazilian tradition, and is crammed with energy giving vitamins. This is sure to bring you back to life the day after the night before. It might sound bizarre, but this is one hangover cure that actually works.$10.55


5. Oven-baked pizza at Nikki Beach

The pizza at Nikki Beach might not have as much mention as it should, purely because it’s brick pizza oven is nestled out of view. However, whatever hour you happen to be drinking out on the town, you will find someone kneading dough and serving into a blazing fire to create genuinely the best Neapolitan, custom-made pizzas available at 3 a.m. It might not ‘cure’ your hangover but it will definitely feed your late night munchies, and thus warn off a stomach full of booze the next day.$10


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