The Haven Rooftop NYC

Located directly above the Sanctuary Hotel, one can find The Haven Rooftop. An elevator will escort you to the penthouse floor, where you doors will open to a hidden gem of the city.

A popular spot for the happy hour crowd, this relaxed yet chic retreat features a large array of cocktails such as the Sanctuary Sangria, as well as cuisine such as “Haven’s Signature Chicken” (cajun spices and roasted chicken breast, served with a beurre blanc sauce, or “Tuna Tartare” (sesame dressed tuna tartare with crispy wontons). Sip or dine, lounged in the beauty of this terrace, overlooking an exquisite view of the city.

Each season, the Haven Rooftop offers a unique theme for it’s guests, and is uncovered/covered and heated depending on weather. This past month, they have welcomed “A Taste of Morocco” complete with belly dancers, henna artists and Moroccan inspired appetizers to the rooftop. The result is an evening of cultural ambiance and colorful entertainment. This summer a “Yacht” theme is hinted to be appearing on the rooftop…we eagerly wait to see.

In any season, however, the Haven Rooftop provides a wonderful spot to visit with family, friends, and co-workers to escape the bustle of the city and travel abroad in only one elevator ride. Well worth a visit.