The best ways to save on travel

Taking a staycation isn’t the only way to save on travel costs this year. Whether you want to hit the beach, or see the sights in a city across the pond, you can have an amazing vacation without breaking your budget. You just have to know where to look.

Skip Hotels for Short-Term Vacation Rentals
Consider short-term apartment rentals; you can rent spacious apartments in central locations for the price of a hostel stay.

Shop ‘Mistake Fares’
Look out for mistake fares, which is when airlines accidentally list their ticket prices for far lower than normal, which can result in amazing deals, but you have to act fast. You can keep track of these mistake fares on Twitter, Facebook groups and forums dedicated to travel hacking.

Have Flexible Travel Dates and Locations
Be flexible – not only with dates — fly Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday — but times and airports. This is the best way to save on travel.

Know When to Book Domestic and International Flights
Remember, ticket prices are usually at their lowest 57 days before departure for domestic flights and 171 days before departure for international trips.

Stay in Your Connecting City
Sometimes it’s cheaper to book a flight where your destination city is actually the flight’s connecting city. If you aren’t sure how to book this type of flight, try Skiplagged, which finds these flights for you. If you’re going to try this tip, just remember to travel light.

Keep a Vacation Savings Account
Put a portion of each paycheck away, and watch it grow until you’re ready to travel — $100 per month for a year can pay for airfare almost anywhere.

Only Use Credit Cards for Free Miles, Baggage Check and Members-Only Deals
Credit cards are the budget traveler’s best friend and worst enemy. The right airline rewards card will shower you with free rewards points, free baggage checks and members-only deals. But, never borrow more than you can repay — otherwise, you’ll end up paying for your trip many times over.