Summer Travel Trends – think outside the box!

A new survey from the Travel Channel recently revealed also revealed that Americans will likely spend about $255 billion on summer vacations this year. Thats a lot of dough – but doesn’t mean that travelers shouldn’t be smart about where they put their dollars….time to start booking!

Road Trips – The vast majority of Americans want to hit the road this summer, with 81 percent of people saying they would love to take a road trip, increasing to 87 percent among those who have kids. Apps like roadtrippers are super handy when it comes to planning out your ideal road trip.

Weekend Getaways – according to the survey, 55 percent of Americans now prefer several summer weekend getaways as opposed to one long summer vacation – perhaps due to families looking to cut down both stress factors and financial burdens when it comes to summer travel. Plan smart and track weekend flights with flight and (recently) hotel tracking apps like hopper which give you a calendar view and will let you know when prices are due to rise/fall and when the best time to book is.

Home Rentals – these also seem to be on the rise. The survey shows that about 77 percent of travelers are interested in staying in a rental house during a vacation; 80 percent of those respondents have kids. According to Wyndham Destinations, the number one thing travel consumers say make their vacation less enjoyable is a lack of amenities like a kitchen. Aside of the comfort of having a ‘home away from home’ you can save money on eating (and drinking) out, especially when it comes to taking kids along.

Relaxation – this is still at the top of travelers’ lists, with 63 percent of respondents to the Travel Chanel survey say they’d rather visit the beach than the mountains, and 55 percent saying they’d rather visit the countryside than a city. This summer think outside the box and consider beach destinations like northern Florida, which is low season but still boasting gorgeous beach weather (at the right price.)

City Breaks – Expense continues to be a major factor in decision making, with over half of those polled who have kids stating that major cities are too expensive. Some top suggestions are smaller cities like Richmond, Virginia; Indianapolis, Indiana; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Albuquerque, all of which are excellent hubs for arts, food, and culture.