Summer Travel Hacks


Data shows that the first half of June is the cheapest time to book travel for the summer – in particular June 6th, and that late August is the cheapest time to fly (in particular August 22nd.) It’s also said that Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be cheaper days to fly. However, given there are so many variables like your destination, dates or where your’e flying out of, these generalizations cannot apply to everyone.

I would recommend utilizing some tools to help you. Hopper for example will track your ideal flights and notify you of when they go up and down in price and when the best time to book them is. It’s also a useful tool for being able to explore different destinations and see when and where is affordable to go to. In fact it will even make personalized recommendations if there are cheaper dates or better destinations that you should consider.

When it comes to booking summer travel, especially if your looking to take a bigger trip abroad, I would consider an experience that takes care of everything under one roof, like a cruise. AmaWaterways, for example, runs a number of mesmerizing European cruises over the summer months such as the Taste of Bordeaux. This 7 night cruise takes you from one of the world’s finest wine capitals along the scenic Garonne River, stopping at chateaus and vineyards along the way, whilst providing onboard 5* cuisine and luxury amenities and daily entertainment.

Road trips pretty popular for families in the summer, especially as it can often be cheaper than flying. A great new hack for road trippers is the follow app. If you have multiple cars on a journey, it helps everyone stay together. One car gets setup as the leader, and the other the follower, and if the leader pulls off the road for any reason (such as to get gas, food or make a pit-stop) the other cars are directed to where he is going. The follow app is app a great tool if you are planning an extended family getaway, and especially if you have younger kids who may need to stop several times along the journey!