Stay safe and calm this holiday travel season

Traveling over the holiday season can be a little overwhelming for many. Large crowds, lots of gift-filled luggage and general holiday madness. Staying safe is on the top of many traveler’s worries, so below I have laid out some basic travel tips and tools to put your mind at ease….

Make copies and secure your valuables

Share your itinerary with a friend or neighbor at home. Also make copies of your passport and your credit card and any other important documents. You can also get smart with protecting your electronics from hackers (yes cyber hacking is a thing) with certain bags and covers like these GoDark Farady Bags from Tarriss that protect phones and laptops alike ($40-$60.)

Tag your luggage

One way to stay safe during the holiday season is to use luggage tag covers or to put your office address on your luggage tag instead of your home address. And if you do decide to go for the carry on route, pack a few travel essentials in case of flight delays or such like a toothbrush and toothpaste. A couple of my favorites are GoTravel’s Sonic Traveller Toothbrush ($18.95) and Lebon’s Organic Travel Size Toothpaste ($10.50 from J.Crew.)

Check-in for your flight as soon as the airline allows

Checking in early can really make a difference whether you’re going to get on that flight or not. As more airlines are overbooking flights, making sure that your seat is secure is pretty much essential at this point.

Get to the airport early and un-flustered and please please pack a travel pillow!

It’s not so bad being at the airport early anymore because they’re basically like big malls. Just do a little bit of shopping and go grab a light meal. Then (if you can) plan to take a nap on the flight. The holidays tend to be crazy so this may be your last chance to catch those Z’s! GoTravel’s Ultimate Memory Pillow ($34.95) will make you feel as snug as a bug on that flight.