Why Make Your Holiday Travel Plans in November?

The Halloween candy has been eaten, Monster Mash and Thriller are no longer blowing up radio stations, and your family is starting to ask about your holiday plans; rightly so, as the start of November marks the best time to make your holiday travel plans.


Nov 7th is the biggest flight drop day, and this applies in general (not just for flights bought for Xmas travel). It is not only is it the most-booked day in November, it’s also the day where consumers can find their lowest price ($243 average price as compared to Cyber Monday’s $294).

If you can’t commit to plans that early in the month, booking your Christmas flights the same week you are eating your Thanksgiving turkey could equally save you 6.41 percent on a round-trip ticket for one adult. Folks looking to get away for New Year’s Eve can expect to save 4.14 percent on a round-trip ticket to ring in 2016.

The exception is booking for New Years Eve travel; sites like skyscanner have found that the greatest savings can be found the week of December 5 with a potential of 10.57 percent savings, or 6.67 percent savings booking the week of December 19. And for those true procrastinators, you can still find savings up to the very last minute – the week of December 26 sees a savings of 6.72 percent.