How to be the Perfect Passenger


When to Power Down:
— When is cell use ok? To entertain or direct others in the car.
— When is it not ok? For lengthy personal calls, unless it’s urgent; in which case, politely ask the other passengers or driver if they would mind.
— Volume check? If someone is being too loud, say you have a headache.

Traveling with Children:
— Confronting seat kickers? If you’re in a car, suggest the child could be restless and perhaps stopping for a walk or to get a snack could be the answer. If you’re on plane, politely confront the parent saying you need rest, to continue your journey.
— Surviving a crying/ rowdy child? If you’re traveling by car, suggest a game or audiobook for the child. If you are on a plane, feel free to speak with the flight attendant and ask her to politely speak with the parent.
— What if that child is yours and you’re being berated by other passengers over it? It’s your responsibility to discipline your child; request to pull over if you need to do this privately.

That awkward moment when a Passenger is:
– Hitting on you? Ok so you cant escape like you can at a bar, but if they are persistent, feel free to kick em’ to the curb (not literally)
— Boozing? When your license is at risk, you have every right to ask you passenger straight up to wait until their destination to pop the holiday cheer.
– Falling asleep on you? Turn on the radio!
— Talking non-stop? Again…turn on the radio!

Get Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable:
— When to go to sleep if you’re a car passenger? It’s fine to nap, but let the driver know as if your both drowsy, it can be dangerous. Also plan ahead checkpoints so they know what to stay alert for.
— When personal grooming crosses the line – i.e: toe clipping, nail clipping, perfume spraying, is make-up ok? It’s never ok to groom in public. Take your make-up bag into a rest area or toilet stop area if you must.
— Is it ever ok to go shoeless while traveling? Shoeless is one thing sock-less is another; the best option is sneakers of comfortable driving shoes… AND NO FEET ON THE DASH!

Watch What You Eat:
–Eating Smelly/ Messy Foods – Try and avoid these “in the car” as smells can last for weeks!

Driving Me Crazy (when you’re the passenger in a car):
— Diffusing Road Rage – Give em’ a stick of gum, turn on the radio or tell a joke!
— Confronting your speeding driver – When your life is at risk, or the lives of other passengers, you have every right to confront your driver & ask them to slow down; your’e life is more important than arriving at your destination a few minutes early.
— Confronting a distracted driver on phone or texting? Offer to assist or take over their communication so they can concentrate on driving. In fact don’t be afraid to INSIST; your life is more important than a text message!