Palm Sugar, West Palm Beach

Palm Sugar really does do it all…. You only have to ask Sang and his family, the creators of this bizarre and unique fusion fantastical food. Take Asian street food, mix it with the notion of mexican tapas, combine with exquisite comfort rice and noodle bowls, top with sweet little deserts and you have Palm Sugar. The ingredient “palm sugar,” also known as the “healthy” sugar, is a nutrient-rich, low-glycemic crystalline that the restaurant uses as an underlying cooking ingredient.

The joy of this atmospheric West Palm Beach joint is its ability to combine almost every flavor and every kind of cuisine. Savory, sweet, small or substantial, Palm Sugar satisfies and ignites the pallate. The concept is derived threefold – from its location in Palm Beach, to its use of the ‘DR OZ approved’ ingredient of actual palm produced sugar, to its ability to combine the savory and sweet. Aesthetically pleasing, the warm wooden ambience of the resturant brings flocks from all over South Florida to taste its great Sake inspired cocktails and fantastic happy hour.

The menu itself ranges from doughy hot pork buns to asian slaw fish tacos and crispy bock choi drizzled in miso glaze. For lunch, try the comfort bowls, ranging from udon noodle dishes such as Yaki Udon Noodles or rice bowls such as Mongolian Beef over steamed brown rice. At tea time, a must is the ‘Bubble Tea’ accompanied by one of their freshly baked cupcakes, such as Grapefuit with Lavender Icing or Carrot with Key Lime Buttercream. Come take a stool at the saki bar for dinner and graze on Asian style barbeque with a tangy sake mojito. Finish with a freshly brewed jasmine tea accompanied by a molten lava and green tea chocolate desert, and your set -to- jet around the East and back. Palm Sugar is an expression of some of the world’s best flavours whipped into a trendy, yet warm and funky environment. Fresh, and all made on the spot, with the greatest care, you cannot go wrong at Palm Sugar.

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