Partigras at PGA National

Marching, dancing, singing, eating, drinking…and men on stilts…Partigras!

This month The PGA National Resort and Spa took entertainment to a new level, inviting guests to celebrate the grand opening of the new iClub Piano Bar, with Mardi Gras inspired festivities.

Guests were toured around the hotel’s infamous grounds by Oregon based March Fourth Marching Band, pausing throughout the evening at resort landmarks, to savor a range of cocktails, tapas and deserts. Trombones, drums and glitter robed entertainers serenaded an evening of jambalaya, shrimp po-boys, serloin steak, beer sampling, champagne drinking and outdoor merriment.


Stilt walkers, hoola-hoopers and acrobats brought song, dance and party atmosphere to the PGA Resort, best known for world class golf courses and its five star spa. Located in one of the world’s most glamorous locations, Palm Beach, iClub Piano Bar will invite the visitors to linger longer and savor the music of the moment.

The spectacular event that marked the bar’s grand opening, culminated in a grand finale, held in the iClub Piano Bar itself, where the 20 person musical group invited guests to take the floor and enjoy a taste of things to come from PGA’s newest goal; to take resort entertainment to a whole new level.

The Best Anti Aging Products

THE BEST ANTI AGING PRODUCTS to pack for your next vacation are:

Estee Lauder Overnight Skin Repair, $85

In my opinion, this true gem of a product gives silk itself a run for its money. This elixir is has been the number one skin recovery product for the last five years running from Vogue to Elle Magazines, and never leaves my handbag. I love how the intensive boosting serum frees your skin from the visible accumulation of excessive damage while helping dramatically boost the skin’s natural ability to repair the visible effects of this accumulation. The result helps to clear the slate of past damage, and transport any visage into an entirely new and youthful age.

Shu-uemura Depsea Hydrability Intense Moisturizing Concentrate, $78

She –uemera is one brand that never fails to produce outstanding quality products. While best known for their makeup, this skincare item is at the top of my anti aging list. As an intensely hydrating serum, it reduces dullness and plumps skin using the key ingredients of Aquatoril, glycerin, and hylauronic acid microspheres (moisturizers). The purity of this formula absorbs immediately, and leaves a slightly matte finish with no discernible scent, forming a beautiful primer whilst working to bring alive the fountain of youth within you.

Meaningful Beauty Line Diffuser Wrinkle Soothing Capsules, Cindy Crawford, $36.95

Cindy Crawford isn’t doing badly these days with her skincare range. This little silver jar of anti-aging serum helps to considerably to reduce the appearance of fine lines whilst moisturizes skin using the key ingredients of Myristoyl pentapeptide-8, hyaluronic acid and dimethicone, which both moisturize and stimulate collagen production. I myself love the satin velvet to touch and fragrance free composition of her serum, with each capsule containing just enough for one use, so it lasts that little bit longer!

Lancôme High Resolution, Refill 3x, $78

Lancome’s anti-aging cream with SPF 15 is the ‘go to’ for battling lines by moisturizing and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Using Dipeptide and alfalfa extract the product boots a synthesis of new elastin fibers, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Luscious and creamy the formula absorbs quickly and works immediately to firm and fill with the gentlest of ease, leaving you smooth to touch.

Yolo Restaurant

Yolo which stands for ‘you only live once ‘ connotes precisely the ethos of this trend setting Ft Lickerdale haunt. A restaurant, a lounge, a bar and, of course, a nightclub (VIBE) this vibrant hotspot draws in a good crowd on the weekends.

‘Little Miami’ is the nickname, and it is easy to see why. The entrance opens out into a red carpet of luxury Bentleys and Rolls’ alike, while the young business people of Lauderdale flutter socially around the bar. The difference is, unlike Miami, the crowd here are talkers; people getting to know other people. The vibe is much more friendly.

If you care to join the line, the restaurant itself, which spills into the bar, is perhaps the best part of the establishment. Set under a canopy of fairy lights and lush trees, the restaurant manages to remain quaint yet trendy. The food is terrific; better than anything you could find on a Friday in Miami. Perhaps the greatest reason behind this is that the chefs ARE THE OWNERS. One can literally taste the effort they have put into cooking jalapeno stuffed cornbread, or the snapper on a bed of succotash.

Cocktails are punchy, presentation is on form, and service impeccable considering how busy the place is. The popularity of YOLO evidently stems from being able to create the atmosphere of a chic Miami evening but in the span of one building. Thus, your night is taken care of; arrive, eat, drink and walk two meters to the nightclub. Then, when you’re too intoxicated to drive yourself home, their ‘red cap’ service drives you home in YOUR car…. for free. Ummm, sounds like a great Miami night without all the hassle of jumping up and down Ocean Drive.

Its catching on fast, and citizens of Ft Lauderdale and Miami alike, know it. Drawing in a more intellectual crowd on regular basis this is one place I would recommend going if you need a break from BIG Miami and just want to dip your toe in its ‘little’ counterpart. It might be smaller than the haunts of its neighboring city;, but there is nothing small about the success of YOLO

Mammoth Ski Resort, CA

If the endless playground of runs and 300 days of sunshine aren’t enough, Mammoth Ski Resort is true to its name; gigantic in both size and satsifaction for any snowboarder. The best part is that many of these visitors hitting the snow are fellow women! Beginners, intermediate and advanced snowboarders with find plenty to ride between perfectly groomed mountain faces and powder filled tree runs. Those of you still looking to lay down some tricks, will find an endless array of rails, halfpipes and kickers to keep you busy. The Mammoth Inn, loacted accross from Main Lodge, serves as a perfect jump off point to begin and end one’s day, that features more than comfotable accomodation in a cozy wooden setting that features both a pool and jacuzzi (when the mountain chill sets in). After a day on the mountain, Tusks is the place to grab that icy beer and listen to some live music, before heading to the village for a bite to eat in one of the many options that Mammoth holds. GWS recommends checking out Sushi Siem, known for their sensational truffle infused sushi and great saki happy hour. Follow this up with a stop into Whiskey Creek and grab a local brew. Dont feel like flying with your equipment? No problem; Mammoth has a great selection of the latest demo/rental boards, boots and skis to suit all. Epic snow, epic views and a guarenteed epic vacation in California’s greatest ski resort. Get riding ladies! For more information or to book your trip go