Travel insurance in the time of COVID?


1. What are the benefits of travel insurance?
It can seriously help cover losses for non-refundable, pre-paid expenses and add peace of mind to trip planning. And that doesn’t just apply to flights, it applies to road trips too. While travel has always been unpredictable to a degree, the Covid-19 outbreak and imposed travel bans have shown a lot of Americans how much unexpected events can affect their travel plans. This seems to make a significant difference to how they consider to insure future holidays. It has been predicted that a lot of Americans will choose to drive in the coming months for travel, so it’s worth noting that travel insurance may reimburse you for covered losses faced on the road too such as trip cancellations or interruptions due to hurricanes and other weather-related events, to injuries or illness.

2. How much does it typically cost and what does it typically cover?
Depending on the coverage you choose it can cover rental cars, vacation rentals, break downs, trip cancellations and interruptions, and a BIG one right now – medical coverage and 24/7 assistance. Keep in mind there are a number of factors that can adjust the price of your insurance such as the age of traveler, trip expenses (a policy’s price is based on your nonrefundable of prepaid travel expenses so calculate all of the costs you’ll incur before your departure when searching for a policy, plan selection,) the number of travelers and the destination. Insurance companies also consider the accessibility to medical facilities and the crime rates of your destination when determining a price. For example, if you were a single, healthy 30 year old male traveling to Colorado this summer for 2 weeks you could be looking at a rate of anywhere between $100 and $200 – using an insurance calculator from

3. Can you get your money back at all even if you don’t have insurance and your vacation gets canceled?
If it is going to depend on the circumstances of your trip being canceled and the travel providers you have booked with – which airlines, hotels etc as they all have their own policies which you should read up on before you book. The benefit of taking out cancellation insurance is that – on your end – if you’re unable to take a trip due to an unforeseeable event, a trip cancellation policy will reimburse you for your prepaid, forfeited and non-refundable costs of your trip. 

4. And any travel tips to keep safe on the road?

Do it with those you live with – even if you’re thinking about a very long drive with visits to rest stops along the way and overnight hotel stays, you’re pretty safe if you plan to do it with those you live with.

Keep your distance – If you’re able to keep a safe, six-foot social distance from others in rest areas, wear a mask, and practice good hygiene, there is little risk since the coronavirus is thought to be mainly transmitted directly from person-to-person. In fact, medical experts are now more comfortable saying that the chances of catching the coronavirus from a surface remain quite low among those practicing common precautions.

Practice rest stop etiquette – Try to avoid stopping at a very crowded rest stop, but don’t fear the public restroom. If it’s not too crowded, it shouldn’t impose much risk but I still wouldn’t touch a toilet and then touch my face. Unless these surfaces are recently sneezed on, you should be ok.

And what about hotels? Staying overnight in a hotel is also a low-risk activity for members of the same household as again it seems like the risk of getting infected from touching surfaces is pretty low. The majority of hotels have been going overboard lately with cleaning and disinfecting as well –  making the chance of touching a contaminated surface really slim.

What should I bring?—driver’s license, registration, insurance—as well as health-insurance cards – as an extra precaution. It’s also wise to bring face coverings, gloves, disinfecting wipes, and cleaning supplies.

Palafitos Overwater Bungalows, Mexico

Palafitos Overwater Bungalows, Mexico

Bali has truly come to Mexico at Karisma’s Overwater Bungalows, where azure blue waters meet the gorgeous shoreline of Maroma Beach (voted by Travel Channel as one of the top 10 beaches in the world.) This adult only, all-inclusive experience, can only be described as a paradise.

The suites cross Bali with Mayan tradition in their style, with wooden carvings and traditional simplicity. Each suite offers breathtaking ocean views, glass-bottom floors, direct ladder access to the ocean, outdoor “Aguas del Amor” showers, private infinity pools, indoor Jacuzzis, and even oversized decks with lounge chairs that look out onto the ocean horizon.

Perhaps, most notable is the personal butler service each guest receives, with on-demand to assistance for everything from pre-arrival requests, to packing and unpacking, activity reservations. My personal favorite feature of service, was the exclusive Bali beach bed reservations with customized beach picnics, brought right to you.

Located on site is also the Náay Spa Over the Ocean, offering treatments based on traditional Mayan herbal practices and the richness of the region’s marine life, most notably highlighting the benefits of Maroma’s Sea Moss (known for its high antioxidant and detoxifying powers.)

Of course, a truly luxurious stay would not be complete without cuisine to match. The Gourmet Inclusive Over Water Ocean Grill & Wine Bar, overlooking the breathtaking Caribbean Sea, serves ocean inspired, gourmet cuisine for breakfast lunch and dinner, infused with pungent local flavors and ingredients.

And if you’re looking to mix up your daily experience, the Gourmet Inclusive® offerings at El Dorado Maroma are just a swift walk across the beach, comprising three pools, six premier restaurants, four bars, and a good range of resort activities to choose from (from dancing, yoga and beach volleyball to cooking lessons, kayaking and bocce.) Do as much or as little as you want at the resort; either way you will find what you came for at Palafitos Overwater Bungalows, especially if you came for a true “vacation.”




Is it safe to travel right now?

Is it safe to travel internationally or domestically right now? And how can travelers prepare themselves for safer travel, given recent events?

– Travelers should understand the risk of terrorism in a cold, logical, statistical way. Your odds of being killed by a terrorist overseas or in the air are 1 in 2,200,000. Your odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 600,000. Your odds of being killed by gunfire in the United States are 1 in 18,900.

– Don’t be shy about asking questions. In any city, the folks behind the hotel desk are a great source of information and they want you to have a safe trip. And assure those who will worry about you that you’ll call home every few days. It’s cheap and easy to call back to the US from Europe these days.

– If your fears to travel are insurmountable, go ahead and delay your trip a year. Europe will still be waiting to welcome you with open arms. But personally, I refuse to let terrorists take away my love for travel.

– Traveling should be seen as important and is still a huge unifier – perhaps a more vital force for peace than ever. If you hate terrorism, the most effective way to fight it is to travel a lot, learn about the world, come home, and help our country fit better into this ever-smaller planet.

How to be the Perfect Passenger


When to Power Down:
— When is cell use ok? To entertain or direct others in the car.
— When is it not ok? For lengthy personal calls, unless it’s urgent; in which case, politely ask the other passengers or driver if they would mind.
— Volume check? If someone is being too loud, say you have a headache.

Traveling with Children:
— Confronting seat kickers? If you’re in a car, suggest the child could be restless and perhaps stopping for a walk or to get a snack could be the answer. If you’re on plane, politely confront the parent saying you need rest, to continue your journey.
— Surviving a crying/ rowdy child? If you’re traveling by car, suggest a game or audiobook for the child. If you are on a plane, feel free to speak with the flight attendant and ask her to politely speak with the parent.
— What if that child is yours and you’re being berated by other passengers over it? It’s your responsibility to discipline your child; request to pull over if you need to do this privately.

That awkward moment when a Passenger is:
– Hitting on you? Ok so you cant escape like you can at a bar, but if they are persistent, feel free to kick em’ to the curb (not literally)
— Boozing? When your license is at risk, you have every right to ask you passenger straight up to wait until their destination to pop the holiday cheer.
– Falling asleep on you? Turn on the radio!
— Talking non-stop? Again…turn on the radio!

Get Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable:
— When to go to sleep if you’re a car passenger? It’s fine to nap, but let the driver know as if your both drowsy, it can be dangerous. Also plan ahead checkpoints so they know what to stay alert for.
— When personal grooming crosses the line – i.e: toe clipping, nail clipping, perfume spraying, is make-up ok? It’s never ok to groom in public. Take your make-up bag into a rest area or toilet stop area if you must.
— Is it ever ok to go shoeless while traveling? Shoeless is one thing sock-less is another; the best option is sneakers of comfortable driving shoes… AND NO FEET ON THE DASH!

Watch What You Eat:
–Eating Smelly/ Messy Foods – Try and avoid these “in the car” as smells can last for weeks!

Driving Me Crazy (when you’re the passenger in a car):
— Diffusing Road Rage – Give em’ a stick of gum, turn on the radio or tell a joke!
— Confronting your speeding driver – When your life is at risk, or the lives of other passengers, you have every right to confront your driver & ask them to slow down; your’e life is more important than arriving at your destination a few minutes early.
— Confronting a distracted driver on phone or texting? Offer to assist or take over their communication so they can concentrate on driving. In fact don’t be afraid to INSIST; your life is more important than a text message!