New Year’s Travel Resolutions

New Year’s Travel Resolutions

Unplug -Smart phones, tablets and netbooks make it easier to stay connected while you’re on vacation, but that same technology also makes it tougher to ‘get away from it all.’
Need help breaking your technology addiction? Travel could be the answer; consider a trip sailing along deserted Caribbean cays or tracking wildlife during an elephant safari – you’ll be so immersed in the travel moment that you may never want to pick up that “CrackBerry” again.

Try something new – The benefits of continuously increasing willingness to try new things when it comes to travel are numerous, whether it be finding you like things you never thought you would, developing friendships, taking up new hobbies or adding experience to your life. When booking your travel this year, choose somewhere you’ve never been, and when you arrive at your destination, ask local residents what they do for fun or what they think would be worth seeing that is ‘off the beaten path.’

Be in the moment – Mindfulness and travel really go hand in hand. Consider traveling to somewhere that allows you to stop and be present, even alone. Often places that provide natural surroundings are the best, whether it be a hiking trip in New Zealand or a yoga retreat in Bali. Be sure to take in your destination (sites, sounds and smells) and treat any travel blunders as ‘learning experiences.’

Experience a culture shock – Experiencing culture shock will shape your personality significantly by teaching you to trust your gut, and develop a thicker skin. By coming into contact with a new language will force you to adapt and learn the new language quickly, which is becoming a necessity in our interconnected world. You will also have an opportunity to expand your circle of friends and experience first hand  how small world really is, and that despite our differences, we are all similar and interconnected.

Tick one off the bucket list – Is there somewhere you have always wanted to go but just keep putting off? Perhaps 2017 is the time to start making that travel plan. Even if you can’t afford to make it work this year, make the new year a launch date for opening that ‘savings travel fund to Bali’ or commencing your travel research for your ‘2018 New Years trip to Europe.’ It’s a great time to put plans into action and give you a goal to work for in the coming year!