The Mahekal Beach Resort, Mexico

The Mahekal Beach Resort is proof that authentic Mexico can still be found in modern luxury. Simple, artistic and natural, this resort puts eco-chic to the test.

Set within the bustling Playa Del Carmen, visitors will find a reclusive paradise. The resort’s palapa-style bungalows envelop guests in a carefree, bohemian atmosphere, complemented by mesmerizing ocean views, secluded garden and tropical foilage.

Perhaps most unique is the 800 feet of soft sand and crystalline Caribbean water that the resort sits on. Thatched-roof cabanas and comfortable lounge chairs make relaxing on the beach an indulgent experience for relaxing or ordering up a few frozen drinks. There is also the resorts 4 pools, which include their beachfront infinity pool, and a tranquil swim-up bar.

Accommodations are simple and calming. In each room you will discover outdoor terraces and personal hammocks, with hand-laid stone pathways leading to each individual doorstep. Detail is everywhere, from the natural palapa ceilings, inspired by Mayan architecture, to the artistic fabrics and sculptures throughout the property.  Every room provides a truly ‘Yucatan’ feel with wooden detailing, airy fabrics, and thatches roofs that make you truly feel at home in the resorts lush landscaping.


Cuisine and beverage wise, the resort utilizes the areas fresh ingredients in everything from their margaritas to their catch of the day ceviche. Stop into the beautifully decorated Boli’s Bar and choose from top notch tequilas and mezcals (on the rocks or shaken into local juices and spices) then head to Fuego’s ‘Tulum Style’ wood burning oven which  offers an ever-changing array of Mexican cuisine that is locally sourced from the surrounding area, in step with the seasons and tides. No matter which of the 6 bars/restaurants you choose to pass, the feeling is very much ‘farm to table fresh.’

The Mahekal Beach Resort, truly succeeds at crating the best of both worlds, located in vibrant and fun Playa Del Carmen, whilst creating a private tropical recluse. This is a great spot to do a bit of everything or sit back, relax and do….nothing.