Luxury Travel Mistakes You Might Be Making


  1. Not using a travel consultant or agent 

    There is no excuse not to use a good agent. If you are spending money on a luxury or once of a lifetime trip, this can be a truly worthwhile investment. Not only will you get expertise, but often agents can get you better flight routings and prices than you can get on your own, can immediate remedy when things go wrong (like cancelled flights) and even get you some added extras like upgrades.

  2. Insisting that you have to travel miles to find the most luxurious place 

    The experience is the priority, and you don’t always have to travel a million miles to find that. Looking for that ‘luxury beachfront’ feel without having to fly across ocean? Consider Miami Beach, in particular, The Eden Roc in South Beach, where you will find ultimate luxury in their ocean view suites, renowned 5* Japanese Nobu Restaurant, and their lavish on-site spa. Guests can kick back in a beachfront or poolside cabana, receive personalized services and be in the lap of sunshine and luxury within 20 minutes of Miami Airport. The Eden Roc Extras deal will get up to 25% and breakfast if you book by May 31st

  1. Not using your points and miles smartly 

    You can literally save thousands of dollars per trip if you know what your doing or have some help. Sign up for a travel rewards tracking service like Award Wallet, which is available as an app and online. It tracks your miles and points from 700 different loyalty programs, and tells you when they expire, so that you use them and not lose them. If you’re not sure how to best use those points and miles, AwardWallet has experts on staff that can help you redeem your miles, so you maximize potential savings on your next trip.

  2. Thinking that the earlier is the ‘better

    When it comes to a luxurious or exclusive trip, while it’s nice to have everything ironed out well ahead of time, if you are flexible, you can find a tone of last minute luxury travel deals. Flight wise, download handy apps like hopper which not only can track your ideal flights (and let you know when they go up and down in price – thus when to book them) but also allows you to explore different destinations and see where it makes sense to go economically and when.