So you waited to book your holiday travel….now what?

  • If you’re flying all is not lost – you can still track your flights using flight tracking apps like Hopper for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year to find the best deals and (AND if you have flexibility on where you would like to go – you can also explore the most affordable destinations for you.)
  • If you don’t make Thanksgiving travel bookings in time (usually the biggest travel day of the year) it’s still not too late to book Christmas or New Year’s travel. Use sites like Skyscanner or com to find some of the best prices on the web. Fares are currently averaging $307 round trip, down 19 percent from a year earlier, but beginning in mid-November, the cost is due to up about $3 a day and then spike in the final two weeks before Christmas according to tracking apps.
  • Consider booking your holiday travel after or even on major holidays, where you will often find the best deals. This year the cheapest day to travel is Tuesday, Dec. 18 and returning on Christmas Eve. However, if you don’t want to interrupt the actual Christmas holiday, the next least expensive day to return is Friday, Dec. 28. Also consider timing; flying at undesirable times like 4 a.m., instead of 10 a.m. will help you beat the holiday crowds and peak prices.
  • Consider compromising – maybe try traveling this year via car or train and choose ONE not all three holidays to travel for. No questions it’s hard telling your family or friends that you can’t make it for every part of the holiday season, or your family that the ski trip and trip to grandmas on Christmas day are just too much, but hey, getting out of town for even one of these holidays is a win!