Last Minute Spring Break Ideas for Families

Recently I had a baby – and it’s got me thinking a lot about travel with kids. When it comes to spring break, if you’re still stuck in a rut about what to do, here are some great last minute ideas to consider…

Plan a road trip

A great, cost-effective way to experience new adventures – a lot of families genuinely enjoy them and it’s easier if kids are old enough to self-entertain in the car. Spring break is the perfect time to wield this card if you 1) live near some cool cities or states, 2) have a flexible job where you can work on the road or take a few days off, and 3) still want to remain within budget.

Determine where you want to go that fits with your work schedule, finances, and (obviously) driving distance from your home. Second, book lodging – anywhere from camping and Airbnbs to expensive resorts or even, if you have the funds and sanity, an RV. Third, map out the places you want to see and the things you want to do….sites like can be really handy to help with all of this.

Find day adventures nearby

If going away is either out of your budget or something you feel would make you go out of your mind, you can always think a lot smaller and make day trips around where you live.

This is a good time to hit up Groupon or Living Social or your local community centers and see what they have going on. Try a new museum, park, or other advertised activity. Play dates with friends to the park, pool, or museum can also add extra fun. If you work remotely, this can really work to your advantage. If there’s a fun city you’ve been wanting to see or restaurant you’ve wanted to try an hour away, plan the day around that activity and see what else there is to do in that area.

Go all the way and get away!

It’s not too late to get away. There are still plenty of deals to be had when it comes to getting away. Booking sites like will be a helpful tool when exploring destinations or choose a destination based on where it’s cheapest to fly – flight tracking apps like hopper can help you explore different destinations and see what week you can afford to fly and where to. Here are a few of my favorite ideas….

Fly to Colorado and ski Keystone. If you stay there, the kids ski free—a pretty sweet break. The mountains are gorgeous, the air is refreshing, and there’s bound to be snow, which kids often love. Skiing is also exhausting, so the kids will hit the hay at night and give you a couple hours to yourself!

Take a trip to Orlando’s Disney and this year – if you head to Epcot between March 6 and June 3 you will find the the 26th Annual International Flower & Garden Festivalwhich will feature Beauty and the Beast and Frozen topiaries, a Toy Story 4-themed play area, and an English Tea Garden.Disneyland’s Food & Wine runs until April 23, offers family-friendly activities, including a Jr. chef cooking experience with Chef Goofy.

Visit Washington DC. Every spring, the nation’s capital bursts alive with color, attracting an average of 1.5 million tourists to see over 3,000 trees decorate the Tidal Basin with awe-inspiring beauty. This year the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival starts March 20 and ends April 14, and includes a number of fun events on the itinerary, such as bike tours, performances, and craft making.