In-Flight Etiquette

In-Flight Etiquette


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1# Reclining- Don’t lean your chair back as soon as you get on. When you do recline your chair, do it slowly, and return the seat back to the upright position during meal and drink servings so you don’t impose on others.

2# Seat Kickers – If it’s a child, politely ask the parent to ask him to stop kicking my seat. If it’s an adult the same applies, ask politely. If nothing changes quietly speak with a flight attendant.

3# Over-Talkative Neighbors – Grab a book or a magazine and he or she should get the hint (especially if you say it’s a book your dying to read) OR headphones never fail to send a red ‘no talk’ flag!

4# Sleepers – If your stuck and have to get out to the isle, while it may be tempting to climb over your neighbor, you risk awkwardly straddling her as they wake up. Instead, give them a gentle pat and say, “excuse me.”

5# Overhead compartments – Use the storage space above your head; taking the storage space of other passengers is rude and can delay exiting the plane as they search for their luggage. Also if you have heavy luggage, wait until others have left before grabbing it so you don’t block people (or ask somebody to help.)