Camelia Rose Inn, Gainesville

Think quaint elegance and homely charm; the Camellia Rose Inn is a home away from home for many travellers and visitors to Gainesville, FL. A town know mainly for its university presense, it is also one of the most nostalgically memorable places one can visit on the east coast of the US. The property itself, dating back to 1903, holds its original ‘Queen Anne’ style. Beautifully preserved and enhanced in warmth the Inn is owned by Pat and Tom who take great pride in bringing guests into their house. Bedrooms are cozy and inviting with wonderful attention to detail; from custom bathrobes to bedside guestbooks, one is made to feel they have stepped in their own home away from home. Large relaxing showers one could get lost in (clearly updated since 1903) are met with creaky wooden floors that only add to the charming history of Camellia Rose. If one hasnt got lost sleeping in the ubundant beds of heavely comfort, you will awake to a glorious morning. Step out to the large wrap around porch, set amongst blooming flowers and mossy oaks. Take to a rocking chair on the deck, and watch squirrels bounce along the fence. With your cup of freshly brewed coffee in hand, enjoy the peaceful ambience of this Old Florida landmark. Hot breakfast is served in an equally atmospheric room of the house, overlooking the surrounding garden. Pumpkin pancakes (with fresh maple syrup), chicken sausage, and fresh fruit, fill a void for scrumptious home cooking that brings to recall a forgotten youth. One will want to sleep for a thousand years in the Inn…drift off to far away land of Camellia Rose. Yet all good things must come to an end, and when they do I promise you will leave wanting to come back again and again. For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Pat and Tom at or call 352 395 ROSE.

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