What Your Carry ‘Essentials Pouch’ Should Look Like

I’ve been traveling a lot recently, which has given me a lot of time to fine tune my carry on (and the essentials I need in it.) Some things aren’t so obvious until you’re stuck in a pickle without them. So here’s what I suggest to take in a smaller pouch in that travel size bag.

Lip balm & Travel size hand cream– it’s easy to dehydrate in the air, so be sure to drink water and apply some lip balm and hand cream to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

Hand Sanitizer – travel size versions can be found at almost any drugstore; apply during your journey and keep bacteria and stray bugs at away.

Snacks – you never know if you’re going to get fed or experience a delay, and airport food can be pricey. Pickup some healthy snacks like a bag of nuts or crispyfruit snacks which will leave you satisfied, but not heavy during your journey.

EmergenCee packs – traveling can have a big affect on your immune system, so keep it up to scratch by dropping one of these fizzy packs into your water during the journey.

Neosporin – apply to the nostrils pre journey to keep viruses and germs floating around at bay.

Eye mask – shut out that plane window light, so can get some rest and arrive fresh at your destination.

Neck pillow  – essential for the journey (from start to end) as it can be used on the plane, in the car/train or anywhere else when you just need that little extra sleep, without arriving with a neck ache.

Travel blanket – air conditioning on planes can be brutal, so keep warm with a lightweight travel blanket (it can be purchased on-flight on most airlines such as JetBlue.) Take it home, wash it, and re-use it!

Portable charger – it’s common to use up all your battery listening to music or texting/calling prior to takeoff, however you’ll need that battery the other side to contact your ride to your final destination (or to figure out where your’e going.)

Kindle/Kindle Fire – download a good book and the time will fly by.

Headphones  – there’s nothing worse than not having these should you want to watch a movie or listen to music.

Travel size facial mist – you can create your own by putting some lavender oil/lemon in a mini mister (buy at Duane Reed) with water.