El Paseo, Espanola Way, Miami

Miami’s South Beach is definitely known for its hospitality scene, and wether you go for ‘modern boutique’ or ‘lavish grandeur’ when choosing a hotel, you can’t go wrong.

However if you want a unique experience, and are craving some cultural flavor, El Paseo on Espanola Way is the perfect spot, modeled after the iconic Las Ramblas in Barcelona and villages of the Mediterranean and France. Set on the historic cobblestone street that hums with singing waiters, twinkling lights and flamenco dancing, El Paseo is marked by a Spanish-French revival style, punches of color, vine trickling balconies and access to a street filled with it’s own kind of magic in South Beach.

Originally built in 1925 as apartment buildings in the Mediterranean Revival style, the hotel features elements of Spanish, Moroccan, Italian, and French architecture, like tile roofs, rounded archways and charming balconies. Airy white curtains, natural palates and tropical touches give the hotel a truly positive vibe. Rooms are comfortable and homely with pottery, books, blankets and framed black-and-white vintage photos from the Miami Archive filling each room or suite. Some of the rooms and suites even have full-service kitchens, giving our guests that ultimate, Miami pied-a-terre experience. This makes it a perfect option for solo business travelers who want that home away from home feel, or larger groups and families who want access to in-room amenities and convenience.

El Paseo meaning “a walk,” is otherwise known as the perfect way of moving if you want to experience life in all of its vibrancy, and f you are looking for that within a memorable, cultural and yet still practical environment, you will find it at El Paseo.