Countries impose stricter travel restrictions, so where can we travel this summer? – with Cheddar TV


With vaccinations on the rise and mortality rates related to Covid-19 going down in Europe and other parts of the world, many people are making plans to travel this summer and beyond. But experts say the quickly circulating Delta variant is a new concern for travelers, particularly those who are unvaccinated. The European Union said on June 18 that the United States would be added to its “safe list” of countries, a decision that should allow even unvaccinated visitors from the U.S. (who can provide proof of a negative coronavirus test) to enter its 27 member states for nonessential travel. These countries, however, can impose their own restrictions and requirements for entry. 

So if you’re wondering how the variant will affect your travel plans, what do you need to know before booking a flight?

So far, the variant, first identified in India – has spread to MORE than 80 countries as of June 16 – so if you’re out and about this summer, chances that you’re going to encounter the Delta variant, either in the U.S. or in Europe. But if you are fully vaccinated, particularly with a two-dose vaccine, there is really need to be worried. Also the C.D.C. has a global variant MAP – that shows the countries where different variants have been IDENTIFIED. It lists the RISK level by country – but you may ALSO want to look online on the – national health department website –  for the country you are planning to visit –  to get more specific data. 

With travel returning, what kinds of destinations are making a comeback? 

A great example of this on the domestic front is the ultimate ‘summer destination’ – California. Actually with the opening of the state recently on June 15, California rolled out the red carpet for travelers with a celebration called “Dreaming On in California.” The weeklong festivities made dreams come true for hundreds of people who shared heartbreaking missed milestones from 2020, giving them the opportunity to re-do them – such as a pop-up wedding chapel at the dreamy Carneros Resort in Napa Valley and a beachside sunset dinner hosted by acclaimed Chef Curtis Stone. The state really has something for everyone in the summer, (from parks and museums to beaches and theme parks) and a tonne of new attractions opening up. Travelers looking for inspiration can go to

The wedding of Aziza Ali and Chris Zimmerly at Carneros Resort in Napa, California, June 25, 2021.

Are there any tips to finding a good travel deal right now?

Keep in mind  it’s going to be harder to find good prices as more people get vaccinated. The prices for hotels, rental cars and flights are going up. LOOK – early for flights and set up email or text alerts so you can see when prices change, and don’t forget to bundle. When you make your flight arrangements, you’ll usually get a notification that says – would you like to add a hotel or would you like to add car rental, click those buttons and see what kind of bundled deals you can get. Also avoid the weeks around the July Fourth holiday and – if possible – start your TRIP PLANNING by FIRST checking on which destinations are cheap, before you decide where to go.

Should travelers avoid flying this summer? Are we going to see another summer of the ‘road trip’ being the most popular mode of transport?

I myself have started taking some great road trips in the northeast while the weather is good!  A few of my recent favorite stay-cations included Gloucester beach in Massachusetts, where I stayed at the gorgeous Beauport Hotel on the water, which boasts a breathtaking rooftop pool and fabulous restaurant. I also visited the charming town of Northport in Long Island, where I stayed at the quaint Harbor Rose B&B overlooking the harbor. If you do want to fly this summer, there’s couple things to keep in mind. Look at alternative airports in the same areas to save money. Don’t forget to use miles which may have built up during the pandemic, and utilize those credit REWARD cards, which may offer perks.

Beauport Hotel, Gloucester Beach MA