Yup it’s wedding season! The time when the joy of engagement quickly turns to panic for many of us prepping for that special day. But before you know it, it’ll be free time, beach time, him-and-you honeymoon time. Here are some great travel tips for newlyweds booking their together-time away.

Decide how much activity you want in your honeymoon. Do you want to see a million museums or lie on by the pool for a week? Always start your trip with some R&R at a comfortable spot before booking in all the site seeing. If you really want to kick back and relax, consider a spot like the Caribbean island of Aruba, to truly let go, which post all the wedding mayhem is ideal. Rates at the luxurious Aruba Marriott Resort start at as low as $150 a night this time of year. If you are looking for privacy but still that resort experience, consider Wyndham Vacation Rentals, which from cottages and condos to villas and castles, gives travelers a different kind of vacation experience, in over 600 destinations worldwide.

Set your budget. Seasons have a big impact on honeymoon travel choices. Postponing the honeymoon to a less expensive season and booking as far in advance as possible could save you more than a few bucks. If you want to cut costs but still have some sense of adventure on your honeymoon, consider a long weekend camping, glamping or (for those super social couples) just hitting up an all-inclusive style camp experience with Club Getaway – which takes the best parts of summer camp and adds it’s own adult twist on them…think zip-lining, kayaking, and a cold beer on the lake at the end of the day!

Research weather. While summer is a popular time for weddings, summertime varies according to geography… and comes with a wack of humidity in many places. Oddly enough many of the places that get bad winters have incredible summers, such as the UK. Britain offers both glorious summer temps, lush countryside and vibrant city life over the summer season, as well as beautiful coastlines. Visit www.visitbritain.com for tips on where and what to do!

Consider travel time and comfort. If you only have a week off of work, don’t spend two days on an airplane. Maximize enjoyment and minimize stress by booking through sites like Skyscanner that browse over 1200 trusted airline and travel sites, worldwide, to find you your perfect route. Alternatively, make the journey part of the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and book a private jet! Companies like Jetsuite offer private jet charters for as little as $536 or a seat on a private jet for as little as $109 each way. For peace of mind and saving on time, it’s also with downloading a service like Freebird so you can skip the line and instantly book a new ticket in the event of a flight cancellation, four-hour delay, or missed connection (starting at as little as $19 each way.)

Pack well. Marriage means a lot of sharing, so if you want to save on baggage fees, you might want to get used to sharing a suitcase on your first trip and newlyweds! Packing smart doesn’t have to be hard or expensive thanks to great new packing innovations from brands like Travelsmith’s smart packs, travel cubes and space maximizing luggage.

Be as unconventional as you like! It’s your honeymoon so don’t feel restricted by what the conventions of a honeymoon are. Whether camping, cruising the Med, or kicking back in the Caribbean, remember this is YOUR time to start a new life. Start married life on the really healthy side, at a life altering resort, like Movara Health and Wellness Retreat, or hit that up post a week of Pina Coladas at a beach resort. Either way ENJOY newlyweds!

Traveling With A Partner

  1. Manage your Expectations – Every day is not going to be filled with sparkles, & macaroons. Unless you’re an A-List superstar and have people to carry your suitcases and organize your every whim, traveling will involve some level of stress, so because you don’t feel completely relaxed and connected all the time doesn’t mean your Relationship Is In Trouble!
  2. Share your packing space – Don’t commandeer too much of the space for yourself. Try to be equal, and sensible, about packing: just because you’re a girl does not mean you deserve more of the suitcase. It will make you collaborate, and keeps you both aware of all possessions (helpful if something goes missing!
  3. Be open up expenses (but equally relax – your’e on vacation!) If you’re not in a relationship where it’s pretty defined as to who pays for what, then this is something to work out ahead of time. Divide expenses in a way that makes senseeg) one person pays for food and the other for accommodation, and be sure to have a conversation about budgets before you go, but be open to adjusting it if things are different once you’re there.
  4. Respect each other’s travel styles – If you have very different traveling styles, which can be very common (he likes the cultural thing and I want to sit on the beach with a cocktail.) Don’t have huge fights and then sulk – instead compromise. Be prepared to move out of your own comfort zone and make some combination of your two styles.
  5. Don’t play the blame game – When you travel, it’s inevitable one of you wont get everything right -your partner’s going to forget their travel money,you’re going to leave your shoes somewhere stupid, neither of you will remember where the lens cap is, and you’ll get hideously lost because somebody was adamant that East was West. BUT because it’s inevitable, it’s best just to go with the flow!

(Yet prepare for any major red flags – if the pressures of the vacation made your partner reveal their true colors then take the warning.)



Getting the best seat on the plane

  • We already know that major airlines are charging people extra to choose their seats when they book their flights or to be the first on the plane to get hold of preferable seating.
  • For economy flyers, on airlines such as Delta, you can only choose your seats up to 24 hours before, and we know that American and United are soon to follow suit with this system.
  • The problem is, as an economy traveler, if you book too late, you’re left with all the unwanted seating, as those willing to pay more $ have already got hold of the better seating.

So what’s an economy flyer to do?

  • Keep checking seats up to the 24 hour period, as often elite flyers get upgraded and their economy seats open up (namely the preferable window and isle seats.)
  • There are passengers that are willing to go to extreme lengths to get hold of those ‘preferable’ window and isle seats – everything from bribing fellow passengers to begging flight attendants to feigning injury! Some passengers even book two seats to ensure that they get that extra space.
  • However, I would suggest that when booking flights, enter your info to a site like expertflyer.com, which automatically emails the traveler when an aisle or window seat opens up.