Spring Breaks and Spring Cleaning….for the family!

Yup it’s that time of year again….we are around the corner from the season of SPRING CLEANING and SPRING TRAVEL – both daunting tasks for any parent. Mom, Lifestyle and Travel Expert, Francesca Page, breaks down how to make both of these a little less stressful, and why they go hand in hand!
Spring Travel Hacks 

– Make a packing list for each person. Have a separate list for everyone in your family. Cross off the items that I you have packed and high-light or put a star next to the items that will need to be packed last minute (the kid’s favorite blanket or lovey, monitor, snacks.)

– Pack your kids clothes by day in plastic zip-lock bags.Take a zip-lock bag for each outfit. Put everything that you need for that outfit into that zip-lock bag. Example: Shorts, top, socks, underwear, headband, bracelet. You are all set.

 – Traveling does’t need to be messy or a reason to lose the little things – post earrings on a square of shelf liner to keep them organized and cushioned in your travel bag, prevent necklaces from getting into a knotted jumble by feeding them through a straw and clasping it, or keep earbuds safe by putting them into a glasses case.

–   Let the kids have their own bag of clothes, instead of sharing. This can be tempting, but try to avoid sharing bags if possible- it just makes things a little more confusing if you decide to share.  When you have 3 sets of hands in one bag, it makes things disorganized YET do share a toiletries bag (when you can)  – since everyone will be getting ready in the bathroom, it does make sense to have all “bathroom things” in one bag.

– Buy and toss or buy when you get there. Go disposable (think a big 6 pack of toothbrushes for the family) or pack just a few of something eg) diapers to get you through a few days, if you know there are trusted supermarkets where you are going.

– And finally, clean your house before you leave. Coming home to a messy house is not a good way to end a vacation! Which brings us onto spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning and Organizing Hacks

– Have a cleaning command party once a week. Set an alarm for 1 hour and have everyone do as much as they can during that time. You could also pop on a home improvement show and use the commercial breaks to clean – when it’s over go out and do something fun

– Paint inside a cabinet door with dry erase paint and keep a running shopping list there..if someone uses the last of something in the house, they can go make a note of it. You can also give older kids dry erase markers to write their own daily schedules on bathroom mirrors so as a parent you know who needs what uniform/permission slip and more and when!

– Keep a large basket by the door for giveaways which can be taken to the local thrift weekly.

– Use technology to get the family involved –  an App like Cozi can help you with everything from calendars to shopping lists.

– Get EVERYONE involved in a big clean. Bring three sturdy trash bags into each room (one for trash, one for donations and one for items that could be better stored elsewhere) and designate room accordingly. 

–  Break it up. It’s easy to get overwhelmed so schedule hour blocks or a two hour stretch on the weekend. Then pop them in the family calendar – and be sure to make sure everyone else does too!

Christmas in NYC 2019….Not To Miss!

Having lived in the city for almost half a decade, this year I decided to check out a few newer holiday events and highlights that were a little different compared the classic tourist tick list. And this is what I found…

Lumino City – A winter fantasy land -this frozen world of blue and white transports people to the very top of the world on a crystal-clear winter night to experience mountains of glistening snow, brilliant trees stretching up into the darkness and spectacular castles towering above the terrain. With everything from lit up skating unicorns to luminous city’s in the clouds and candy lands of light, this is a treat to visit for all ages. Visit https://www.luminocityfestival.com/ for your tickets today!

Nutcracker Rouge – This dazzling, sensuous performance is a not to miss for fans of anything opulent, provocative and as glamorous as performances come. Austin McCormick has reimagined the story of the beloved Nutcracker tale told with an adult flare and universally relatable body of performers. If, like myself you have seen every holiday performance there is, than this show is for you. Unique, inspiring, with outstanding music, dancing and creative concept – this is one show that will only get harder to book as years come! Grab your tickets at http://companyxiv.com/nutcracker-rouge

The Nutcracker Fete – This year you are cordially invited to the Stahlbaum family’s holiday party – travel back in time and step into a room alive with music and festive cheer. Rummage through our gorgeous period costume pieces, grab a cocktail and experience a new interactive version of the classic holiday tale with a hilarious, cocktail-filled twist. This 90-minute-long holiday show is part immersive theatre, part cabaret, and part winter dream and will feature live improv-actors, cocktails and lots of laughs is a treat you can’t deny yourself this holiday season. For tickets visit – https://nutcrackercocktailfete.com/