London Spas and Salons to Visit

No one loves a hairy fairy! That’s why this month I decided to venture over to Strip Salon to see what all the fuss was about. Was I found was a whole lot more than your standard waxing salon. Each room is specifically designed to suit the type of hot wax you choose (lavender room is features a lavender wax/ chocolate colored room, a chocolate wax.) As if the boudoir treatment rooms aren’t enough, the procedures themselves are almost pain free (thanks to the combination of shrink rap oils, hot to dry wax and a seriously well trained beauticians.) All in all, by far the most professional and long lasting wax I’ve had yet. My only complaint; I wish I got longer in those luxurious little chambers!

Renowned for creating some of the best polishes on the market, OPI IS still going strong. Perhaps less well known than the polish itself, is the OPI mail salon in Selfridges. Newly refurbished and tucked away next to Miss Selfridge, you will find a mini pit stop in your shopping day. Simple, modern, clean and express you will find one of the best mani/pedis you can get in town without dropping a weighty sum on your wallet. If that wasn’t enough, you also have every OPI color in the rainbow to choose from….then again this rainbow seems ever growing still (OPI is constantly coming up with new ways to wonder us!)

Better brows in 5 minutes flat. If you haven’t tried Blink already – go. The original trend-setters of threading, puts Blink brow bars at the best of the best when it comes to eyebrow maintenance and shaping. Painless (as much as the procedure can be) professional and practical, Blink is still my top choice of eyebrow salons. Take yourself to one of the many bars popping up in London, and see for yourself why Blink is still so popular. It really does change the whole shape of your face for the better.

Tucked into the busy Mayfair business district, one will find a spa to top all spas; The Illuminata. If the marbled classical interior and heavenly slippers aren’t enough, be transported to ancient relaxation in a decadent shapire tiled steam room. The ‘Jasmine Steam’ is an incredibly luxurious experience, which involves being bathed in lemon salts, before being left to ‘steam’ in a chamber of jasmine aromas. After a warm shower, one feels buttery soft and truly like a Goddess.

For a real treat, let yourself be escourted into a treatement room where one can choose from an array of different facials and massages. Recommended to me was the ‘Aromoplasty Decleor Facial;’ a 50 minute process of essential oils, masks and facial massaging that deeply purifies and nourishes the skin, whilst sweeping away sighns of winter fatigue. This facial in particular is fantastic for skin of all ages, being both anti aging and aging preventative. Moreover it does great justice to the Decleor range of skincare products available on the market such as Decleor’s ‘Neroli Essential Oil.’

It’s a 10 Haircare

Taking haircare to a new level, IT’S A TEN gets a 10/10 from us. The “plus keratin” collection of products, leaves even the most unruly hair feeling smooth, soft and hydrated without weight.

Shampoos and conditioners are sulfate/paraben free, and infuse protein keratin to the hair whilst locking out humidity. Shine infusing and thermal protecting, IT’S A TEN leave in conditioners and miracles oils also help  preserve and maintain color. Say goodbye to bad hair days, and hello to manageable, luscious locks. Visit to get your hands on a better future for your hair! 

Grape & Vine NYC

Nestled in Greenwich Village, this sophisticated spot is exudes a very artistic and European feel.

The restaurant, located directly underneath The Jade Hotel, is reminiscent of the 1920s city bar scene. Indeed he original Grape & Vine was located on the southeast corner of Sixth Avenue and 11th Street, and attracted artists, actors, litterateurs, businessmen and politicians.

This little spot was such a gathering spot of conversation that its sole handedly gave birth to the phrase “I heard it through the grapevine.”

Décor is dark wood and cherry velvet; warm, sexy and romantic. Black and white photos cover the walls, and light drifts down from slim the skylight above (a unique feature, I must say.)

I would suggest starting with a large glass of red and the steak tartar, accompanied by heirloom tomato comfit of olive tapenade, pear, balsamic and truffle lavender honey.

If your taste buds have still been totally tantalized, than move onto the pork chop braised red cabbage, and applesauce or roasted Atlantic salmon with baby spinach on a healthy bed of quinoa; flavors are exceptional, exquisite.

Yes, if you want to be seduced by food and the city of New York, this is the place to go.