Last Minute Labor Day Getaways

Last Minute Labor Day Getaways

Just because you didn’t plan ahead doesn’t mean you can’t have a great vacation. But planning at the last minute means you MAY run into challenges with availability and cost. So you have to be flexible, but also know where to look for the best deals.

Look at destinations where last minute hotels and flights are often inexpensive like Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I recently visited Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts. Because they’re a new hotel, they have a lot of availability compared to more established hotels and they introduced their newest promotion “Sliming Savings” where kids are included so families can experience the five-star property at a lower rate. Plus you can save up to 50% on vacations booked between now and October 21st.  Special rates start at $190 per person, per night for adults with kids included

Make the journey part of the experience when you stop at national parks, landmarks or end up at the beach, all of which are low cost or even free to visit. My sister and the family love places like Yosemite or Mammoth Mountain. Some of my best tips include leaving early, prepping cash for tolls (or downloading apps like Waze if you want to avoid them) and driving a decent speed to save on gas while being safe for the family.

Vacation rentals are a great option for families with kids or larger families because it is both cost efficient and provides all the comforts of home such as a working kitchen, which saves on eating out every night or kids with allergies. Check out great sites like Wyndham Vacation Rentals, which has properties in over 600 worldwide destinations and is running 20% off in Northwest Florida rentals for Labor Day!

I like resources like Dunhill Travel Deals, because hotels, cruise lines, and vacation companies come to them when they have special promotions or extra inventory that they need to fill at discounted rates, which are then published in their website and newsletter and definitely worth signing up for; I found for Labor Day deals like $122 for an all-Inclusive Family-Friendly Cancun Resort w/ Waterpark.

Tourism district websites are another great resource for finding deals or trip ideas. Located in San Francisco’s East Bay, Diablo Valley, California, has an incredible itinerary planning tool on their website which lets you create your ideal trip — whether you enjoy hiking, horseback riding or visiting a waterpark with the family.

I’ll be going to my favorite getaway Nantucket for Labor Day, and given the few days I have, the quickest way to go is flying an air shuttle with Tradewind Aviation, which get’s you there from Manhattan in less than 50 minutes…and you get a private jet experience with a commercial price tag!


Best Travel Social Networking Sites

Best Travel Social Networking Sites


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.52.31 AM

While you don’t always hear a ton about social networks for travelers, there are a few great ones out there that can help you plan trips, make new friends and discover places you never knew existed.


– Allows you to search prospective destinations based on the kinds of activities you do eg) skiing or surfing.

– If you already know where you want to go, you can also search by destination and get tips from local on what to do while you’re there.


– Business travel often means lonely travel, but Hellotel creates a localized social network around the hotel you’re staying in. This allows you to connect with other nearby travelers (or locals) to grab a drink or do a little networking.

–  Have a specific need? You can also ask the group questions about everything from restaurants to transportation options and get answers in real time.


– This app allows you to explore some of the world’s most exciting travel destinations through the photos of other travelers (posted in an instagram-style format.)

– You can use the images to plan your next big getaway, or to just to take a virtual vacation from your office chair during your lunch break!


Trips to Get You Motivated

Trips to Get You Motivated


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Land Person – Summer Camp for Adults

Bringing out your inner child will bring back your energy and motivation! Adult summer camps like Club Getaway, in Kent CT encourage you to get outdoors, play, take up some new hobbies and make new friends. Whether traveling solo or in a group, a weekend here is sure to motivate you! Weekend rates start at just $499.

Water Person – In water: Surf Trip

Surfing has an extremely powerful impact on people physically and mentally, one of which is motivation; you may keep falling but you will want to keep trying! Puerto Rico is also known as ‘ mini Hawaii’ yet is much closer and easier to fly to, and has lots of beginner friendly waves. Stay at the Horned Dorset Primavera directly on the water, and be sure to check out martinis that give Manhattan bars run for their money – at the Green Thumb Grill.

Boat Person – A Cruise With Your Friends or Family

Spending time with friends or family can bring you the support you need to find motivation, especially when your having a good time together. Consider a cruise on lines like Royal Caribbean Cruise Line which include group activities for every kind of traveler from ice skating, to rock climbing to mini golf – and that’s even before you reach your destination!

Any Tips?: No matter where to decide to go, motivational trips like this are going to take some energy! Save it for the destination and let search engines like Skyscanner do the hard work, compiling over 1,200 travel partners under one roof so you can easily compare your options in one place to find the best deals on, airlines, travel sites, hotels and car rental.



SOBE Food and Wine Festival

This year, as per expected, all foodies from around the globe flocked to the SOBE Food and Wine Festival this year. Sun, sand and SOBE laid a stage for some of the nation’s favorite Food Network chefs and a weekend of all-star events, including late-night tastings, intimate dinners and culinary demos.

GW was lucky enough to attend one of the event’s most popular events; “The Grand Tasting Village,” which housed not only some of the best chefs/restaurants in Miami/Fort Lauderdale but also featured culinary demos, tasty bites, and refreshing libations from wine to whisky. Held from February 21st to 22nd, the new layout of the event allowed for more places to relax and enjoy this grand experience, whether kicking back with a cocktail under the shade, or dancing to live music and/or DJs throughout the day.

Favorite picks included live demos from chefs such as Rachael Ray or Paula Deen, frozen lollipops served in champagne, and of course the Hard Rock’s own private party tent. One can only imagine what next year holds!