Halloween in New York

New York is infamous for having some the best halloween celebrations across the nation; from ghoulish parties to haunted house, it’s hard to beat them when it comes to horrifying fright festivities. One of my favorite past times of the season, is to visit a haunted house and get my adrenaline fix of fear. In New York, no effect, no costume and no thrill is too thrilling when it comes to haunted houses. And not to worry if don’t have time to visit before the 31st of October, as many are open into November!

The Forest of Fear 

Boasting a total of 6 different haunts or ‘haunted houses’ the forest of fear is sure to provide a scare for everyone. No detail has been overlooked, from the ‘Carnival of the Damned’ where tormented clowns terrify, to chainsaw swinging ‘Craven Brothers’ chasing you around a barn-shed maze. Unlike many mainstream city haunts, The Forest of Fear is uniquely set within the more rural woodland area of New Jersey (a 45 minute drive from NYC.) So if the dark eery woodlands at night don’t scare you, we guarantee the haunt itself will. (Runs though Oct 30th)

Blood Manor

Perhaps one of the best known haunted houses in NYC has to be Blood Manor…and for good reason! This haunted house goes above an beyond when it comes to a scare. Expect, a LOT of suprises, 3D painted nightmares and very convincing horrors behind the doors of this haunted house. Each room in the maze of this haunt leads to another unsuspecting thrill, from crazed psychopathic killers, to voodoo dementors and possessed demons that creep in the dead of dark. You will want to run through this one, but don’t; there’s an incredible amount of stage worthy special affects worth taking in. Prepare to leave shaken and stirred. (Runs through November 5th)

Sleepy Hollow

If you are looking for the real thing, it’s worth driving out to Sleepy Hollow; of the most infamous towns when it comes to ghosts, hauntings and headless horsemen. It is however also one of the most quaint and magical historic towns in the northeast. Take an afternoon to watch autumnal leaves fall on a walk around the nearby woods, stop by the cemetery (where you might just see the horseman himself) and then when dusk falls head to the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. If the 7,000 individually carved, illuminated jack o’ lanterns, doesn’t satisfy your Halloween fix, be sure to visit the Horseman’s Hollow, a haunted trail of scenes from a town driven mad by the Headless Horseman. (Runs through October)

Nutcracker Rouge, New York

Beneath flurries of feathers, corsets, glitter and champagne lies The Nutcracker Rouge; a burlesque meets opera, meets ballet, “take” on the classic Christmas story of The Nutcracker.

Take to your seat, in a room filled with the musky scent of pine, dimly lit through a haze of stage smoke and drenched in the atmosphere of “the theatre.” The Nutcracker Rouge is a show, in the way a show should be; a mastery of performance and elegance in the heart of New York City. Austin McCormick’s Nutcracker Rouge, performed at XIV, stands alone in a genre of its own. As an “adult” performance, it naturally has a kinky twist but combines circus and baroque to tell the story of a young lady coming to age.

The set falls in between Mary Antoinette’s palace and an underground nightclub, but provides a perfect backdrop for the exquisite and risqué dancing, singing and theatrics that will unfold before you. Mirroring the themes of the classically performed Nutcracker, dances include the Candied Violets, set to Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers and the Sugar Plum pas de deaux, with choreography that mixes sensual and sexually themes movements with elegant and powerful poses. Prepare to be stunned by the sound of live opera from performers, dangled upside down on floating hoops, to snowflakes on your face, to the lifting up of skirts!

The Nutcracker Rouge is a beautiful celebration of the human physique, the joviality of the holiday season and the risqué world of burlesque. If you don’t leave crying, clapping or fully immersed in the holiday spirit, I’d be shocked.

NYC TV Week 2015

NYC TV week went off without a hitch this year at the Waldorf Astoria and Park Central Hotel.

The third annual NYC Television Week, presented by Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News, Next TV, and Ratings Intelligence, brought together the industry’s focus to the media capital of the world – New York City.

Featuring the 25th annual Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame and the second annual Content Show, as well as best-of-industry conferences such as Advanced Advertising, Next TV Summit, and the Thirteenth Annual Hispanic Television Summit, NYC Television Week offered educational information, and unparalleled networking for leaders in broadcast, cable, advertising, and technology companies serving the industry.


Drawing in more than 1,000 television industry executives and featuring over 200 industry leaders as keynotes and presenters, including top executives from Lifetime, Travel Channel, Discovery Networks, Leftfield Entertainment and more, there was constant conversation and information being shared amongst attendees and speakers. Covering a full breadth of trends and topics that are vital to today’s television in terms of content, businesses and talent, this event isn’t one to be missed if you want to get the inside scoop of what’s what this year in TV – SO BE THERE NEXT YEAR!

SOBE Food and Wine Festival

This year, as per expected, all foodies from around the globe flocked to the SOBE Food and Wine Festival this year. Sun, sand and SOBE laid a stage for some of the nation’s favorite Food Network chefs and a weekend of all-star events, including late-night tastings, intimate dinners and culinary demos.

GW was lucky enough to attend one of the event’s most popular events; “The Grand Tasting Village,” which housed not only some of the best chefs/restaurants in Miami/Fort Lauderdale but also featured culinary demos, tasty bites, and refreshing libations from wine to whisky. Held from February 21st to 22nd, the new layout of the event allowed for more places to relax and enjoy this grand experience, whether kicking back with a cocktail under the shade, or dancing to live music and/or DJs throughout the day.

Favorite picks included live demos from chefs such as Rachael Ray or Paula Deen, frozen lollipops served in champagne, and of course the Hard Rock’s own private party tent. One can only imagine what next year holds!