Yolo Restaurant

Yolo which stands for ‘you only live once ‘ connotes precisely the ethos of this trend setting Ft Lickerdale haunt. A restaurant, a lounge, a bar and, of course, a nightclub (VIBE) this vibrant hotspot draws in a good crowd on the weekends.

‘Little Miami’ is the nickname, and it is easy to see why. The entrance opens out into a red carpet of luxury Bentleys and Rolls’ alike, while the young business people of Lauderdale flutter socially around the bar. The difference is, unlike Miami, the crowd here are talkers; people getting to know other people. The vibe is much more friendly.

If you care to join the line, the restaurant itself, which spills into the bar, is perhaps the best part of the establishment. Set under a canopy of fairy lights and lush trees, the restaurant manages to remain quaint yet trendy. The food is terrific; better than anything you could find on a Friday in Miami. Perhaps the greatest reason behind this is that the chefs ARE THE OWNERS. One can literally taste the effort they have put into cooking jalapeno stuffed cornbread, or the snapper on a bed of succotash.

Cocktails are punchy, presentation is on form, and service impeccable considering how busy the place is. The popularity of YOLO evidently stems from being able to create the atmosphere of a chic Miami evening but in the span of one building. Thus, your night is taken care of; arrive, eat, drink and walk two meters to the nightclub. Then, when you’re too intoxicated to drive yourself home, their ‘red cap’ service drives you home in YOUR car…. for free. Ummm, sounds like a great Miami night without all the hassle of jumping up and down Ocean Drive.

Its catching on fast, and citizens of Ft Lauderdale and Miami alike, know it. Drawing in a more intellectual crowd on regular basis this is one place I would recommend going if you need a break from BIG Miami and just want to dip your toe in its ‘little’ counterpart. It might be smaller than the haunts of its neighboring city;, but there is nothing small about the success of YOLO

Grape & Vine NYC

Nestled in Greenwich Village, this sophisticated spot is exudes a very artistic and European feel.

The restaurant, located directly underneath The Jade Hotel, is reminiscent of the 1920s city bar scene. Indeed he original Grape & Vine was located on the southeast corner of Sixth Avenue and 11th Street, and attracted artists, actors, litterateurs, businessmen and politicians.

This little spot was such a gathering spot of conversation that its sole handedly gave birth to the phrase “I heard it through the grapevine.”

Décor is dark wood and cherry velvet; warm, sexy and romantic. Black and white photos cover the walls, and light drifts down from slim the skylight above (a unique feature, I must say.)

I would suggest starting with a large glass of red and the steak tartar, accompanied by heirloom tomato comfit of olive tapenade, pear, balsamic and truffle lavender honey.

If your taste buds have still been totally tantalized, than move onto the pork chop braised red cabbage, and applesauce or roasted Atlantic salmon with baby spinach on a healthy bed of quinoa; flavors are exceptional, exquisite.

Yes, if you want to be seduced by food and the city of New York, this is the place to go.



SEN, originally opened in Sag Harbor is a restaurant known for it’s earthy yet sexy and modern atmosphere.  The newest location in NYC brings sultry Japanese to the city; low lighting, wooden slats and bark lined walls, give way to an open bar, serving an endless array of Japanese inspired cocktails, such as the “Sakitini.”

The surrounding area boasts lounge chairs and tables alike, where one can sit a feast on sushi and saki. I would recommend a selection of small bites to start such as the Tatsuta, kinchaku dumplings, or the wagyu croquettes with katsu sauce and a devilishly good foie gras center. Biting on the green and zesty edemame here is also a great way to ease into the evening and admire in the ambience of the restaurant.

The restaurant is primarily sushi, so it is good to order a selection of fresh fish such as tuna, salmon and yellowtail rolls. If you prefer something more flavorful and spicy, opt for the Ika tempura (Calamari) sprinkled with chili flakes. Those more in the mood for fresh and light, should try the yellowtail and tuna tartar garnished with takuan pickle,
shallot, cured quail egg, crispy wonton, spicy yuzu dressing.

As far as main dishes, The Kamemesh, or individually prepared rice pots are perhaps the highlight of the dinner menu, with the Five Gold Curry, delighting the taste buds through flavours or coconut, chicken green onions and herbs. Accompany all the latter with some Nigori, a sizzling date, or just a few friends after work, and your good to go.

If it is anything like it’s sister restaurant in the Hamptons, this is a spot sure to gain popularity.