4th of July Travel on Newsmax TV

Independence Day weekend us upon us – of the the biggest travel weekends of the year. But between gas prices being at an all time high and talk of the Delta variant, is anyone traveling this season? And what do travelers need to know before hitting the road or skies? Travel Expert Francesca Page weighs in.

 So even with Gas Prices at a high, it seems like millions of people are going to be hitting the road?

Right, we know that according to AAA, more than 47.7 million Americans will drive or fly this weekend. Still, the volume just misses the all-time high of 48.9 million travelers set in 2019. In fact, 91% of travelers this holiday weekend will be driving to their destinations. Keep in mind that since the pandemic brought on a supply and demand imbalance in the country’s rental car fleet, rates have dramatically spiked, and prices don’t look much better at the pump this holiday weekend, either. If you choose to fly rather than drive, keep in mind that airports are bracing for the largest crowds since March 2020.  Look at alternative airports in the same areas at your destination to save money – and –  don’t forget to use miles which may have built up during the pandemic, and utilize those credit REWARD cards, which may offer perks.

.So regarding the Delta what do you need to know before booking a flight, and are there any precautions should travelers take?

If you are fully vaccinated, particularly with a two-dose vaccine, there is really need to be worried. Also the C.D.C. has a global variant MAP – that shows the countries where different variants have been IDENTIFIED. It lists the RISK level by country – but you may ALSO want to look online on the – national health department website –  for the country you are planning to visit . In terms of insurance, I have mentioned before that there are air medical transport programs out there like MEDJET that, if you are hospitalized while traveling, will arrange medical transportation to your hospital at home. Most travel insurance only evacuates to a nearby hospital, while they get you moved home. MEDJET added Covid-19 transport benefits last year, for domestic travel and international destinations as they opened up. 

So finally, what destinations are going to be popular?

Americans appear to be seeking thrills from entertainment and theme parks capitals like Las Vegas and Orlando, which come in at No. 1 AAA’s tourist destination forecasts based on online search traffic, and hotel and car rental bookings.Anaheim, California — home of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park and Knott’s Berry Farm — came in at No. 2 on AAA’s list. Northern destinations like Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and Atlanta — are all up in  the top 10 too!