Nantucket, MA

Nantucket, MA

Nantucket is a truly a hidden gem, and needless to say, one of Miss Travel Guru’s newfound favorite places to visit. Throughout the summer months this charming and historic isolated Island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, boasts dune-backed beaches, world class restaurants, and a huge array of activities to choose from.

To Get There

Depending on wether you are a trains, planes or automobiles kind of person, there are options. The Seastreak ferry runs from Manhattan to Nantucket (with one minor stop in Martha’s Vineyard.) While the journey takes 6 hours, the experience is actually pretty nice. Pack a picnic, grab a drink from the bar, take to the roof for sunset and, before you know it, you have arrived at your destination. For those who prefer to fly, you can now fly directly and easily to Nantucket with Blade (book by the seat, crowdsource a flight, or charter your own means of taking to the air.)

To Stay

The new 21 Broad brings urban chic to the island. This hotel is modern and sleek yet extremely relaxing, featuring hues of turquoise and sunshine yellow against simple white surfaces. Rooms are cool and refreshing yet charming. After being lulled to sleep by the sounds of the nearby marina, enjoy a simple, elegant breakfast on the outside terrace, before grabbing a couple hotel-provided beach chairs and taking to the local beaches.

To Eat:

Dinner: There are a lot of great places to check out in Nantucket, but on this trip I ventured to the well known Pearl Restaurant. The Pearl is focused on current coastal cuisine showcasing seasonal shellfish and seafood, produce from Island farmers and heritage meats. Some personal highlights included the vietnamese lettuce wraps with crispy pork and crab, and the steamed pork belly buns. The Pearl’s signature entrée, Salt & Pepper Wok Fried Lobster, is considered to be one of the Island’s best lobster dishes and was not to miss.
Brunch: When it comes to sunday brunch, The Brant Point Grill offers one that you are sure not to forget. The incredible spread buffet has something for everyone but isn’t overwhelming; choose from the raw seafood bar, omelette station, salad bar or pastry station to find your brunch fix. Of course this feast would’t be complete with the giant lobster bloody mary they offer, piled high with lobster meat. Enjoy all the latter while overlooking the breathtaking harbor and listening to live music.

To Do:

Hit the Surf: You may not see palm trees, or grass skirts, but the Old Grey Lady has a well deserved reputation as one of New England’s top surfing destinations. Nantucket’s advantages have everything to do with geography. Its location off the southern coast of Cape Cod, places it nearest to the Gulf Stream and its warm southern waters. The water can easily be 10 degrees warmer than other New England surfing spots and that can be the difference between surfing in shorts and surfing in wetsuits. Choose from the popular Cisco, Madaket, Miacomet, and Surfside beaches.
Stroll the Streets: Nantucket is well known for its array of beachy stores that line the charming cobbled streets of downtown, where you can find everything from silver starfish coffee coasters to pieces of exquisite artworks that portray the unique nautical nature of Nantucket.
Take a Boat: If you don’t already own a boat here, it can be tricky, however, there is always the option to rent one. On my recent trip to Nantucket I actually looked into boat memberships, which aren’t a bad deal depending on where you like to cast your anchor. Barton and Gray Mariner’s Club for example, offers unlimited access to a fleet of captained yachts from Nantucket to the Bahamas, fully stocked and ready for a unforgettable day on the water.
Visit a Brewery: Cisco Brewers is far more than just a brewery, it’s an experience. The festival like layout of this courtyard centered celebration features specialty brews, cocktails and wines that have made stopping here a staple for visitors and locals alike. Visit after a day at Cisco Beach and grab yourself a tour of the Brewery and Triple Eight Distillery, before kicking back in the courtyard, sampling local food, and listening to the sounds of great live music. While everything I gulped down in this spot was spectacular, not to miss for were The Gray Lady Ale,  Sharktracker Lager, and the Pineapple Express Cocktail (infused in house with local ingredients.)

Tackling Your Morning Commute

It’s the time of the day we all dread – commuting to work. Most of the time we are barely awake, and yet we are expected to navigate through busy travel circumstances before being thrown head first into our work day. Believe it or not, long and stressful commuting have been linked to high anxiety, weight gain and poor sleep, among other negative outcomes. So how we make getting to work easier on ourselves?

Remember this is YOUR time

You chose to go to work, you chose to have this commitment, and you are in control over your decisions and you morning. Reminding yourself of the latter will help keep your anxiety levels low in times when you feel you have no control – heavy traffic, stalled subway cars etc. If you still find yourself getting frustrated, consider another means of transport to work that allows you more flexibility or control, such as biking to work or carpooling with a colleague to keep you company.

Find fun ways to pass the time

Once you have established that this time is ‘your time,’ add elements to your commute that you look forward to experiencing, such as a great book, an innovating podcast or relaxing music. A number of studies have shown relaxing music or classical music can help to decrease anxiety. This is the best ‘you time’ you have, without being burdened by home life or work tasks, so make the most of it!


Meditation is know for its affects on the human nervous system and restorative health benefits. Breathing and meditating in the morning panic (or even prior to leaving home) can have a huge impact on  your ability to cope with your commute. The noises, attitudes and stress levels of others are less likely to affect you when you silence the mind and sounds around you, without judging or trying to “fix” them. Download a handy app like ‘headspace’ to help you get in the zone. You’ll find you’re more productive at work too!


While many commuters swear by the mindlessness of iphone games like ‘candycrush,’ technology tends to raise stress levels rather than subdue them. Spending some time tech-free can benefit our mental and physical health, and it might make your commute more pleasant. It may also be the only part of your day when you don’t have to be glued to a screen or can disconnect. Not to mention, driving or taking public transport whilst being heavily engaged in email, games, twitter or texting is not only irritating but also dangerous. Make it a habit to leave the phone alone between home and work, and just take some time for YOU.

Inspiring Vacation Destinations

Inspiring Vacation Destinations


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.24.40 AM

The Relaxing Option

Great Britain has a huge amount to offer, especially in the summer, and is extremely accessible; you can visit three countries in just one trip, all filled with rich history and surrounded by picturesque landscapes. From London’s historical palaces and tranquil gardens to Cardiff and Edinburgh’s rich heritage and stunning architecture, you can’t help but leave inspired! For more info go to

The Athletic Option (for those NOT afraid of heights)

 Ashville, NC is both known for its vibrant art scene as well as its breathtaking mountainous scenery, which provides some incredible uphill hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hotels like The Grand Bohemian (where I recently stayed) make the experience all the more memorable, as a piece of artwork in itself decoratively (with an inspiring art gallery located right in the hotel lobby!)

The Athletic Option (for those who like to stay closer to ground level)

Consider a beach side yoga retreat, and if flying isn’t your thing (due to fear of heights) you can always drive to one on a nearby coast. The west coast runs some amazing retreats year round from Malibu to San Diego. Or consider learning to paddle board (or even paddleboard-yoga) in Florida Keys, which is flat in the summer months and provides some of the most inspirational sea life viewing right beneath your feet!


Last Minute Labor Day Getaways

Last Minute Labor Day Getaways

Just because you didn’t plan ahead doesn’t mean you can’t have a great vacation. But planning at the last minute means you MAY run into challenges with availability and cost. So you have to be flexible, but also know where to look for the best deals.

Look at destinations where last minute hotels and flights are often inexpensive like Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I recently visited Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts. Because they’re a new hotel, they have a lot of availability compared to more established hotels and they introduced their newest promotion “Sliming Savings” where kids are included so families can experience the five-star property at a lower rate. Plus you can save up to 50% on vacations booked between now and October 21st.  Special rates start at $190 per person, per night for adults with kids included

Make the journey part of the experience when you stop at national parks, landmarks or end up at the beach, all of which are low cost or even free to visit. My sister and the family love places like Yosemite or Mammoth Mountain. Some of my best tips include leaving early, prepping cash for tolls (or downloading apps like Waze if you want to avoid them) and driving a decent speed to save on gas while being safe for the family.

Vacation rentals are a great option for families with kids or larger families because it is both cost efficient and provides all the comforts of home such as a working kitchen, which saves on eating out every night or kids with allergies. Check out great sites like Wyndham Vacation Rentals, which has properties in over 600 worldwide destinations and is running 20% off in Northwest Florida rentals for Labor Day!

I like resources like Dunhill Travel Deals, because hotels, cruise lines, and vacation companies come to them when they have special promotions or extra inventory that they need to fill at discounted rates, which are then published in their website and newsletter and definitely worth signing up for; I found for Labor Day deals like $122 for an all-Inclusive Family-Friendly Cancun Resort w/ Waterpark.

Tourism district websites are another great resource for finding deals or trip ideas. Located in San Francisco’s East Bay, Diablo Valley, California, has an incredible itinerary planning tool on their website which lets you create your ideal trip — whether you enjoy hiking, horseback riding or visiting a waterpark with the family.

I’ll be going to my favorite getaway Nantucket for Labor Day, and given the few days I have, the quickest way to go is flying an air shuttle with Tradewind Aviation, which get’s you there from Manhattan in less than 50 minutes…and you get a private jet experience with a commercial price tag!