Your Ski Trip Packing Made Easy!

Your Ski Trip Packing Made Easy!

Packing to hit the slopes can be a daunting nightmare, especially if it’s your first time or your’e packing for the family. The best thing to do is make a list, to be sure you don’t leave anything out; one of the main reasons you want to be careful not to do so, is that the cost to replace items (e.g. gloves or socks) at ski resorts can be quite a bit more than back home! Skiing (and snowboarding) does require a lot of gear, whether you’re renting some of the essentials or not, so here’s a good start to help you on your way.


Jacket: If you’re a snowboarder, you want to make sure you have a jacket that covers your bum; otherwise, you’ll walk around with a wet rear all day long.

Pants: Make sure pack a pair of thick, warm, waterproof pants.

Underlayer: Long johns are preferred, but the most important thing is to pack layers that you can peel off if you get too hot.

Fleece or Sweater: Again – layers are crucial.

Gloves: Thick, waterproof gloves are a must. Mittens will not do.

Glove Liners: Optional

Hat or Helmet: Helmets are great for safety. If you opt out of using a helmet, make sure you at least wear a warm snow cap that covers your ears.

Neck Gator: It’s less fashionable than a scarf, but most skiers and boarders prefer the gator.

Skiing Socks: Your everyday socks aren’t going to cut it in the snow. Make sure to pack some hefty wool socks for the trip.


Goggles: Some prefer to wear sunglasses instead, but if it’s snowing out, you’ll be happy you brought your goggles.

Hand & Toe Warmers: These little pouches full of magic beans are lifesavers out on the slopes.

Snow Boots: You won’t get too far without a good pair of snow boots. It’s also just plain unsafe to walk around in anything else.

Non-ski Gloves/Mittens: If you’re off the slopes, you might not want to wear your puffy gloves to the bar.

Sunscreen/Lip balm: The sun can be killer on the slopes. You’ll get burned if you don’t take care.

Camera/Go Pro: Everyone looks cool on a snowboard, and a day on the slopes could easily produce a Facebook profile picture.

Hydration Pack: If you aren’t likely to come in for breaks, make sure to bring a hydration pack.

GEAR: (optional – you can always rent gear on the mountain)

Skis/Snowboard: Make sure it’s the right size.

Ski/Snowboard Boots: Tight, but not too tight.

Bindings/Poles: Turn the pole upside down and make sure your arm is at a right angle with the base.


Jeans, underwear, sweaters, long-sleeved tees, waterproof shoes, mittens/hat/scarf, coat, sleepwear, socks, sweatpants, and a hoodie.

Also, don’t forget your toiletries, a swimsuit, an insurance card, medicines, phone, iPhone/MP3 player, a deck of cards, tickets/ski passes, money/credit card/wallet, and high energy snacks.