How To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Getaway

How To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Getaway

Valentine’s Day is a great time to take a trip with your special someone. Even if it falls on a weekday, why not plan a suprise getaway for the weekend that follows or even slip a hint (say a couple plane tickets) in your Valentine’s card this year?!

Mini Break It

Location is key because it’s likely you will only have a weekend to play with. Choose somewhere that isnt complicated to get to. Live in the city? Take a drive out to a nice countryside spot for a couple romantic night. Looking for somewhere warm? Florida is always a great option!


Keep Aesthetics In Mind

Picking a destination that does a lot of the hard work for you is a good option, and a beautiful location will help set the mood. Consider places that have great sunrises and sunsets, romantic decor (like a charming historical hotel) and be sure to ask for a room with a view.



When you are looking to spend the weekend focused on each other, service that can help provide the perfect experience is key. Be sure to check in with your concierge (before your trip or on arrival) so they can assist you in making any suprise plans for your loved one, such as champagne and chocolates in the room!


A key ingredient would be a nice sit down dinner night. Some hotels have more than one restaurant to choose from, so be sure to ask your concierge which is the most romantic (you don’t want to be stuck in the family restaurant dining with screaming kids that night!) Very often al fresco is a good way to go in warm weather destinations or consider a private dining experience under the stars, which many hotels can help you setup.



This is the cherry on the pie; a good spa treatment or couples massage will help you both really relax and get in the mood. Be sure to take some time for TLC or perhaps gift a treatment to your loved one while you make preparations for the evening – they will arrive for dinner all the happier.



Have Fun

This is the key element of a perfect Valentines Day getaway. Switch off, unwind and really have some fun! It’s the best way to get back to the connection you have and really embrace this holiday of love.